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important event in the city. perhaps a first date. the traffic is bad. you need to leave early to avoid being late. maybe you just landed in a new country and you're at the airport atm trying to figure out how much cash to withdrawal. google now, which we launched on android in june, gives you all that information and more automatically with zero effort required on your part. these kind of tips and recommendations are super powerful. they really save users time and hassle. this is why i'm incredibly excited about the opportunities ahead. given our expertise in search and mobile and our track record in monetizing and such products. every day, i wake up and i'm delighted our opportunities keep growing. and we create products that are defining the future. it's a truly exciting time to be at google. now we'll hear from patrick with some details about our quarter. >> thanks, larry. good afternoon, everyone. thank you for joining us. overall, we're very pleased with the growth trajectory of our business this quarter. this, in fact, despite significant currency fluctuations in many of our inte
the coastline around 7:00 tonight. the effects will not be over at that time. let me show you why. first of all, if you look closely to the southeast of atlantic city, right about there, that is where the center is. that's where you see kind of a hole in the precipitation. almost like a circular hole right there. and that is moving to the north and west very, very clearly on track. however, it's doing so a little faster than was expected. just a little. that has two effects. one is meaning even more wind because there's a counterclockwise circulation of winds and the forward motion will add to the wind on the north side, in other words, the right-hand side of motion. bottom line, additional storm surge right in through long island and down the new jersey shoreline to around atlantic city. that is a big problem. let's take a look at that storm surge situation. again, we're looking at 3 to 6 feet in general in eastern new england. look what happens. because the water's coming from east to west, it kind of backs in through the long island sound, as an example, to 6 to 11 feet. we're looking at 4 t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2